So, what is KaterCreations?  I suppose I should answer.

KaterCreations.com is one girl's journey from being a waitress in Atlanta, GA, to being a web developer.  With what I learned from the University of Alabama and Art Institute of Atlanta, I have retrained myself to focus on web design and I have never been happier.

I focus mainly on custom themes and layouts in Drupal and Joomla, but I can also do straight HTML/CSS coding.  I have experience with the Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, and my absolute favorite, Fireworks.

Three monitors

The name KaterCreations come from my former roommate's cat and a book about a tomcat named Murr.  The cat spent a great deal of time harassing me.  I do believe that it was Ollie's (the cat) favorite past time after attacking stuff, my roommate, eating, and sleeping.

You can follow me on Twitter, I'm @RuthHa.

On LinkedIn I'm Ruthie Hassan.