Kater: Fidelis et ceterae

It's been a pleasant week thus far.  I am close to releasing my "Fidelis" theme for Acquia Commons.  It was originally created to be used by NobleHeroes but I would like to revamp it for sale as a premium theme.  It is a subtheme of Common Roots and it works on the Fusion theme by Top Notch Themes.  I need to look over the license for fusion and Commons roots to see if I can sell Fidelis though.

I have also launched the first part of a Craigslist advertising campaign.  I want to pick up some new clients from there.

Other than that, it's just me and the kitties on this cloudy day.  I watched a webinar from Acquia, I toyed around with WHMCS, and played with Javascript.  Just another day I suppose.