WHMCS by the Bootstraps

So, before I delved more into the Sunny template, I toyed around with WHMCS today.  I had a theory that theming for most CMSs would be analogous in certain aspects and I wanted to test it out.  I decided to try putting the header and footer from KaterCreations onto a  duplicate WHMCS template.  It did work very well until I found some anomalies in the CSS inheritance.  After poking around I found that the bootstrap file wasn't merely a few add pieces of code, but a layout system developed by twitter.  I had heard of Twitter Bootstrap from a friend but this was the first time I had run into an implementation of it.  It may make designing easier, but in my case, it has added a layer of difficulty.  I'll have to decipher the templating scheme while working around Bootstrap.

I find templating systems to be very interesting and actually plan on learning Smarty and LESS in the future.  For now, I'll just focus on raw code and then learn some shortcuts later.