Tweet away the shyness

Here I am in a new year with nothing but time in front of me. I've been sick since Friday so I haven't made much progress on my website update. The party I went to on Saturday night didn't help much either. Well, perhaps it did.

A personal goal towards the end of last year was to make more friends, and that I did. My issue now is maintaining those friendships, something I am absolutely horrible at doing. My self-defeating nature has become one of my greatest skills and I'm not very proud of that.

I once happened by a lady who mentioned that she was going to try a year of living uncomfortably (yolu). Basically, she did things that took her out of her comfort zone but made her life better. Yeah, I'm being vague because I don't remember much of the conversation but I got the gist of it: being comfortable and safe doesn't mean you're in a a good place. I loved the idea but it was absolutely terrifying.

So here I am, scared shitless. I can't remember how many posts, tweets, and blogs I have written out only to delete them. This year, they will all get published (unless I was inebriated when they were written). I can learn to be more open, maintain the friendships that matter to me, and maybe have some fun.