Keeping It Fresh: Working with Multiple CMSs

So, I really learned about using a Content Management System (CMS) when I was working as a freelancer.  I spent over a year working in Joomla! exclusively, and it was a very educating experience.  When I'm not slacking off, I am currently working on my first endeavor into Drupal for the NobleHeroes Foundation.  I'm using the Acquia Commons build to set up a social network that can bring people together for a good cause.  The only problem is that I've been looking at Drupal forever.

So I have come here to my own page to gain some respite from the tech heavy system that is Drupal.  I absolutely love it for what it is, but Joomla! will always have a place in my heart.  I just need to template this site and get my logo on it.  I just needed a moment away from it.

Ok, I'll be a good girl and go back to setting up Ubercart.  C'est la vie que j'aime.