The Little Things Make You Crazy

The view of the world outside

Sometimes, especially when I'm tweaking something aesthetically, I think to myself "This would look so much better in Joomla."  Then I shake my head, because it may look better in Joomla, it probably wouldn't be as functional.

In the past weeks, I have learned the difference between Joomla! and Drupal, and I respect both systems even more.  I'm to the point that unless a website is extremely well done, I can tell whether it is built on a CMS or nor and if it is Joomla, Drupal, or Wordpress before I even look at the source.  I wonder if it is rude that I feel compelled to take peeks at people's source code.  I could be looking for a place to buy a rug for my bathroom and if the layout looks familiar or odd, I find myself hitting the Inspect Element button.  It's a dirty habit that I am not too proud to admit.

Anyways, I'm tweaking the NobleHeroes UI/UX to a point where I think that it would be fit to release.  I have to meet with the board of directors tomorrow afternoon and I have to have something to show.  I'm going to go ahead and change the nameservers for the site first.  The only thing that I really wish I had time to do is a solid stress test.  I can spend my night wishing for time and resources or I can get things to a point where I can present the site and have it work.  I can add in new features later.

So, I'm going to get back to it.  My treat for getting this site to release will be to go out somewhere this weekend.  The cabin fever from doing nothing but eating, sleeping, working out and coding is killer.