Projects and Ideas

So, I've finally applies a theme to the site, it's done.  I can sleep well.  Sadly, I'm not content so I will probably come out with version two of it later.  A website is a person's identity on the internet, it is also a playground to experiment with new technologies and techniques.  I'm going to play around with the gantry framework again and maybe some HTML5.

I also have an idea for a blog theme.  I should do it in Wordpress, for the practice if nothing else, but I'm going to do it in Drupal using the Omega theme.  I already plan everything on the 960 grid, I just want to work on my frameworking skills.  I may go out tomorrow and see how many layouts I can sketch out over lunch, it would be a fun experiment.

On a final thought, I'm going to clean up and try to sale some of my old layouts.  There aren't many Drupal Commons themes out there so the market is ripe for the picking.  I may throw a few more together once I have theme working properly.  It would be nice to have something to sale on my WHMCS site.  I'll talk more about that one later.