Projects and Ideas

So, I've finally applies a theme to the site, it's done.  I can sleep well.  Sadly, I'm not content so I will probably come out with version two of it later.  A website is a person's identity on the internet, it is also a playground to experiment with new technologies and techniques.  I'm going to play around with the gantry framework again and maybe some HTML5.

I also have an idea for a blog theme.  I should do it in Wordpress, for the practice if nothing else, but I'm going to do it in Drupal using the Omega theme.  I already plan everything on the 960 grid, I just want to work on my frameworking skills.  I may go out tomorrow and see how many layouts I can sketch out over lunch, it would be a fun experiment.

On a final thought, I'm going to clean up and try to sale some of my old layouts.  There aren't many Drupal Commons themes out there so the market is ripe for the picking.  I may throw a few more together once I have theme working properly.  It would be nice to have something to sale on my WHMCS site.  I'll talk more about that one later.

Access Control Levels and Hummus

So, it has been an interesting week.  I went to my first official NobleHeroes board meeting, and it was exciting.  I was able to meet the people that have put all of their free time into making the organization work.  I listened as they spoke of the events they had put on and people they helped and where they were going in the future.  Then I found out that they wanted me to join them.  This was rather large for me because I made the website as a favor for a friend, and I wasn't doing anything else anyways. 

I'm pretty sure that I will stay on with the organization, but I feel bad that I am not as zealous as they are.  I have never had any issues with people in public safety, it's just that I don't know many.  My father always supported his local police charity so I personally have grown up believing the same.  I just never thought I would be part of a large organization with very ambitious people at the helm.  I'll think about that some more.

Hummus, a delicious food that has crossed the ocean to reside in my fridge.  Ok, maybe it's not that epic, but it is still tasty.  I whipped up a batch on Monday and I'll probably be snacking on it for days.

And for, I have gotten most of the site up and I am working on getting the bugs out.  It is almost to the point where I can look at it with pride.  I need to invite all of the members of the old site to the new one, once I feel confident with the setup.  I am working to fix the views slidehow that I want on the front page and after that I just have to tweak it to perfection, especially the ACL (access control levels).  Sponsors of NobleHeroes gain different levels of access depending on the amount that they donate to the charity.  I need to hash out these benefits so that I can effectively enact them.

Once I get this site done, I'll probably write down everything I did.  Someone else in the future might want to do the same, I should share my resources.

That's all for now, I just remembered that I wanted to get Google Analytics up and maybe an Adwords campaign for their end of year celebration on the 29th, gotta get to it.

The Little Things Make You Crazy

The view of the world outside

Sometimes, especially when I'm tweaking something aesthetically, I think to myself "This would look so much better in Joomla."  Then I shake my head, because it may look better in Joomla, it probably wouldn't be as functional.

In the past weeks, I have learned the difference between Joomla! and Drupal, and I respect both systems even more.  I'm to the point that unless a website is extremely well done, I can tell whether it is built on a CMS or nor and if it is Joomla, Drupal, or Wordpress before I even look at the source.  I wonder if it is rude that I feel compelled to take peeks at people's source code.  I could be looking for a place to buy a rug for my bathroom and if the layout looks familiar or odd, I find myself hitting the Inspect Element button.  It's a dirty habit that I am not too proud to admit.

Anyways, I'm tweaking the NobleHeroes UI/UX to a point where I think that it would be fit to release.  I have to meet with the board of directors tomorrow afternoon and I have to have something to show.  I'm going to go ahead and change the nameservers for the site first.  The only thing that I really wish I had time to do is a solid stress test.  I can spend my night wishing for time and resources or I can get things to a point where I can present the site and have it work.  I can add in new features later.

So, I'm going to get back to it.  My treat for getting this site to release will be to go out somewhere this weekend.  The cabin fever from doing nothing but eating, sleeping, working out and coding is killer.

Keeping It Fresh: Working with Multiple CMSs

So, I really learned about using a Content Management System (CMS) when I was working as a freelancer.  I spent over a year working in Joomla! exclusively, and it was a very educating experience.  When I'm not slacking off, I am currently working on my first endeavor into Drupal for the NobleHeroes Foundation.  I'm using the Acquia Commons build to set up a social network that can bring people together for a good cause.  The only problem is that I've been looking at Drupal forever.

So I have come here to my own page to gain some respite from the tech heavy system that is Drupal.  I absolutely love it for what it is, but Joomla! will always have a place in my heart.  I just need to template this site and get my logo on it.  I just needed a moment away from it.

Ok, I'll be a good girl and go back to setting up Ubercart.  C'est la vie que j'aime.

Coming Soon!

Kater Creations, Coming Soon!


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